Monday, February 15, 2010

An Update on Day 13

I'm going through the entire list and updating the status on those I've started:
1. lose 50lbs
>>> I've determined my starting weight as 192. Now to improve.
2. keep exercise routine for 60 days straight
>>> will start as soon as room is clean
6. wear my hair down for 80 days (1/80)
11. Complete the Credential Application (0/1)
>>>in progress
16. go to 15 live shows
>>> 1st one! Sweeney Todd
17. Read 150 books
>>>1st one: Monstrous Regiment
19. Keep a journal (online or paper) for 100 days
>>>I think I have like 2... :/ we'll see
22. complete a "Wreck this Journal"
>>>journal obtained, in progress
26. make a framed collage of 101 photos that make me happy.
>>>started pics
31. complete the 5,000 question survey
>>>done with 2 of the sections (aka 200 questions)
32. watch 101 new movies I have never seen before (12/101)
36. make 20 new ringtones on phonezoo(1/20)
>>>"God That's Good"
39. do 200 postcrossings
>>> 5 sent, one sent back, none recieved
45. Keep a plant alive in my bedroom
46. organize my room to be simplified and packable
>>>working on it
47. move to a different place/room
>>>really close, just a few things need to happen first
54. drink 8 cups of water a day for 60 days straight (0/60)
>>>day 11 I think?
58. complete 4 full sized crochet afghans (0/4)
>>>started one
60. Ride Rosie 20 times
>>>1st one yesterday :D
61. complete my Ren Faire costume
>>>got fabric for tunic
94. ride my bike to Seal Beach and back twice (0/2)
>>>gonna attempt in like a week or so
97. finish 3 sudoku books (1/3)
>>>almost done with #2
101. put at least $10 in the task jar for each goal accomplished and use it at the end for something special (0/101)
>>>got the jar I'm going to I'm going to paint it