Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#40 - Gimme Your Stuff

As part of my 101 in 1001 Days Challenge, I've decided to participate in the "Gimme Your Stuff" project. I am really excited to get it started and am ready to start putting it together.

Step 1 is to post about what you are willing to swap. Here is my list of what I'm planning on swapping and am interested in receiving in return:
>favorite childhood candy (2-3)
>favorite snack food (1-2)
>favorite canned food (1)
>a copy of a favorite chapter book (1)
>copy of a favorite magazine (1-3)
>a copy of a children's book (1)
>a small stuffed animal or plush
>a mix CD of favorite songs and/or a favorite movie(1 or more)
>a piece of clothing (1)
>something handmade or small toy (1 or more)
>something that represents where I/you live (1)
>a few pieces of coin currency
>a letter :)
>anything else that would be enjoyable!

As far as what I'm looking for, I'd love for a similar list of what is above, though I'd LOVE it if everything was in your native language! Try to include things that you think are only found in your country. I'm so excited to see and try new things from different cultures ^_^

Thanks so much!