Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 24 updateness

kind of a busy week...but I'm gettin' shit done mmhmmmm :D

8. donate blood (0/1)
>>>I'll admit, I chickened out. I have a fear of needles. It's silly and stupid, but still. I was supposed to go with a friend, but she got sick. I'm sure there will be another blood drive soon. :/

9. donate to Locks of Love twice (0/2)
>>>I've decided that this is happening sometime between Ren Faire and Japan. Keith thinks it would be a good idea to be on base with slightly shorter hair and since he likes my hair long I figure if I have his blessing I should take advantage of it.

11. Complete the Credential Application (0/1)
>>>nearly done. due on Monday...possibly my first task completed

22. complete a "Wreck this Journal" (0/1)
>>>moving right along... almost completed, but even once it is I'm sure I'll still be kicking it around for a while

32. watch 101 new movies I have never seen before (26/101)
>>>Coming along nicely. Last movie seen: Whip It. I liked it a lot....then again Ellen Page is just one talented little Canadian

35. finish 3 video games (0/3)
>>>I've decided on my 3 ^_^ here they are:
1. Crash Bandicoot Warped 3
2. Kingdom Hearts
3. Final Fantasy IX

39. do 200 postcrossings (/200)
>>>Got my first postcard on Tuesday ^_^. It was from Melbourne

40. participate in "Gimme Your Stuff" Swap-bot 3 times (0/3)
>>>signed up, we'll see if I can count them. (I'm only counting international swaps)

44. donate 160 things of mine to Salvation Army/Goodwill (0/160)
>>>started a pile :D

45. Keep a plant alive in my bedroom (0/1)
>>>it's looking very sad...I might have to re-attempt this one

46. organize my room to be simplified and packable (0/1)
>>>I've stared this one 300 times >_< still a mess

54. drink 8 cups of water a day for 60 days straight (22/60)
>>> :D 1/3 done!

61. complete my Ren Faire costume (0/1)
>>>I have yet to start, but I have the fabric!

66. be able to send myself to Japan (0/1)

that's kinda it for now. But, it's a sunny I think I'm going to go have an adventure and possibly end up at Disneyland.