Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is day 44

Wow....too long. Dang midterms.
Anyways! Updates!

4. run 5/7 days, 4 weeks in a row (0/4)
>>> Started. I've gone running 2 times this week and plan to again this afternoon. Though a funny thing I should make note of is that I count day one of my "weeks" on Monday. That doesn't really mean much to you, but it kinda gives me Sunday as a "make-up" day. Also, I need a new sports bra >_>

9. donate to Locks of Love twice (0/2)
>>>It has been decided! Before Japan, but possibly during faire because I leave the NEXT day after faire ends. CRAZY! :D

11. Complete the Credential Application (1/1)
-completed March 1, 2010
>>>SWEETNESS! First completion! w00t. Still waiting on the blessed "yellow postcard" that means they want to interview you and continue the credential process. wow....that's a bit scary. >_>

16. go to 15 live shows (3/15)
>Sweeney Todd
>Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
>the tranny show that I can't remember what the name is >_> I should ask Sarah
>>>also, I'm no longer counting showcases (aka those free mini-shows put on by students every Thursday night that are quite literally underground) like the last two because Sarah is awesome and I go to them because she is involved, but alas, I want to go to real live shows :D

18. Write at least 100 poems (1/100)
>>>one down...need to write more :P

22. complete a "Wreck this Journal" (0/1)
>purchased 2/10/10
>>>still going...

26. make a framed collage of 101 photos that make me happy. (to be displayed in future home. pics must be taken after start date. no online pics) (0/101->0/1)
>>>I should make a file for those

31. complete the 5,000 question survey (5/51)
>>>eh's going

32. watch 101 new movies I have never seen before (37/101)
>Have you heard about the Morgans? ---boring. predictable. Too chick flicky. Felt like I had seen it before. Would rather watch the Tim Allen Amish movie again.
>*Up In the Air ---loved it. Well done. Dad needs to see it.
>Planet 51---cute, but I lost interest halfway through. I like Rover the best
>Invention of Lying--- ok. Not sure how I feel about it
>Couples Retreat---funny. Nothing special
>*Grosse Point Blank---enjoyed it. Fun. Shooting also.
>Pregnancy Pact---ok. Not great. Meh
>Princess and the Frog---cute. Needs better quality vid streamer >_<
>Heathers---it was alright…recommended from meebo, they have boring taste
>brokeback mountain---too long, drags on, sad ending
>the notebook---good flick, sad ending
>Mama Mia---good, fun, happy, singing
>9 to 5---documentary, interesting sorta
>*Where the Wild things Are---loved it, makes me happy
>*Love Actually---good flick, nice ending
>The Union
>Say Anything
>*Once---cute Scottish musical, noce soundtrack
>American History X
>Animal House
>Smart People
>Bride and Prejudice
>Whip It
>>>probably will update/rate movies more later.

39. do 200 postcrossings (1/200)
>sent: 9
>received: 4
>>>mail-time is so fun now ^_^

40. participate in "Gimme Your Stuff" 3 times (0/3)
**changed to Swap-bot due to inactivity of Gimme Your Stuff****Only International swaps will be counted for this challenge**
>>>I'm still trying to GET an international swap >_> on package swap #2 and still only US people....but surprisingly, people still aren't sending me stuff. Apparently my post office is very efficient about getting stuff out, just not in...

41. meet a MIG (0/1)
>>> In order to meet a MIG, I should probably get back in touch with them >_> oops

45. Keep a plant alive in my bedroom (0/1)
>>>So sad!!! My plant that I had and used as our tiny Christmas tree...I think it died while we were in Lake Tahoe and then slowly dried itself out. Poor thing. It's kinda...crunchy.

47. move to a different place/room (0/1)
>>>yes! maybe? I hope so? *sigh* we'll see...

54. drink 8 cups of water a day for 60 days straight (0/1)
>>> I am on day....42! :D The answer to the ultimate question!

55. no sugar for 60 days straight (0/1)
>>>I'm on day 3. I have a little over 60 days before I leave for my freakin' big trip of awesome :D and I want to be dedicated and finish this one before then. And, the running one...because that means I will be (hopefully) slightly less squishy when the day for me to wear a bikini for my beau this summer comes. 'Cause basically no one wants to see super-squish in a bikini.

57. complete 20 3-inch (or bigger) henna designs (1/20)
>>>w00t. First one done. This should actually start to progress rather quickly once faire kicks up. I'm gonna start putting up pics soon I swears.

58. complete 4 full sized crochet afghans (0/4)
>started patches
>>>have a feeling I'm going to be purchasing and importing mass amounts of yarn on my trip and will find interesting places to crochet on the island...whoo

61. complete my Ren Faire costume (0/1)
>>>ack! I need to finish!!!

66. be able to send myself to Japan (0/1)
>>>*giggles with happiness* I'll mark it off when I get there...because it should be paid off by then lol

71. plan our wedding (0/1)
>>>I got a's a planning/etiquette book. Sweet.

79. make a list of 300 reasons I love Keith and give it to him (1/300)
>>>I've got an amazing idea for this that involves the puzzle challenge....yeah mhmmm

80. add 20 CUTE pairs to the undies collection (3/20)
>>>I got them at an after-vday sale. Keith does not know yet....he will be pleasantly surprised, I'm sure.

97. finish 3 sudoku books (2/3)
>>>movin' along...this one is...kinda too easy :P especially when class is so boring @_@

100. do 5 jigsaw puzzles of 200 pieces or more (0/5)
*idea- paint completed puzzle and write the 300 reasons on them :D

101. put at least $10 in the task jar for each goal accomplished and use it at the end for something special (1/101)
>>>1st ten dollars in the special can...that I still need to decorate.

Well...that's all for now. Possibly I'll be back later for more updates/commentary...but prolly not. :P

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hold on a minute, I want to talk about me.

I know it is (technically) day 38 and I haven't updated in a scary-long time. I know this. I will. I promise. I've actually gotten a few things done that I've quite happy about. BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.

This will be the entry you want to skip if you are only here for my 101 in 1001 updates. Tonight, I want to talk about me.

That's right. Me. I don't do that often. I like to keep to myself usually. But as of this restless night, I feel like I'm up to it. But first, a toast.

You know those last 3 swigs of grape vodka that you have been saving since he left...partly because it's nice to know you have it around, partly because you aren't quite "of age" yet and can't get more on your own for a few more months, but mostly because you think it's sad to drink alone and haven't bothered with it? Well, my friends, dig out that old beat-up bottle and toast with me. To life, to love, to finding who you are by any means possible. To Keith, to mom, to my bestest best friends, to friends I've lost and friends I've yet to find. This one's for you.

As an aside, I'd like you all to know that this will more than likely be my last drink as an irresponsible, underage, college time I toast will be in Japan for my 21st birthday. In fact, I'd like to make a point of it. No drinking until then. What do you think? if you will respond. I've only got one follower...and I think the only reason she clicked "follow" was because I "follow" hers...whatever.

Anyways, I'm a huge lightweight and that was HARDLY 3 sips....I'm already feeling it. Booze is such a weird thing.

I miss human contact. Yes I got about 8 hugs today from 5ish friends....that was an overdose of huggage that was greatly needed. The only (and I mean only) other human contact I had gotten this week were the greeting and farewell hugs of my lovely Grandparents (which I'm not gonna lie, I do love and look forward to) and in P.E. for Educators Class when I had to hold hands with some of my classmates.
And paople wonder why I get lonely.
ON THAT NOTE! I booked my ticket! It's official! I'm going to Japan! I will spend a gloriously huge amount of time living with my best friend, lover, and all around good looking stud of a man, Keith. I am SO STOKED. I'm so freakin' stoked that I used the word "stoked"....AND IN ALL CAPS NO LESS. I don't think I've used that word since highschool. hellz to the yeah. It will be glorious.

No really. It will be amazing. I miss just being there...watching each other do silly, regular things and admiring each of them.

But, back to the present. I'm having a little bit of stress over my swap-bot swap that I must put in the mail tomorrow or else. The "or else" may just end up being a bad rating, but to me that would be....well, bad. Do not want. The only thing is...I have no idea what to send. It's supposed to be a "profile surprise" around $15 in valuse. I'm pretty sure that the bit I've got in there covers it, but I cant be sure. *sigh*. I think I'll stop by a store and put a few sweets inside...just in case. idk. I hope it's ok. And the kicker? I can't even count the next two for the challenge because I already wrote in the working document of my challenge that I would only count swaps from other countries...well balls. Neither of my first two swaps are out of country despite the odds that they could have been *grumbles*. I even picked it out special because I was one of 5 Americans....and where do I get my partner from? Florida >_> big whoop.

*sigh* I guess that means I just gotta keep swapping.
So here I sit...tipsy...watching nerdfighters on youtube and blogging...while gluing paper flowers that I cut out and painted to be part of a cute pop-up card for my swap that I learned how to make on dailymotion....yeah. Bit nerdy much?

Oh and once again....I want to write a book...I want to write my journal...I want to write poems...yeah yeah you've heard it...I've said it all before. But, even pressing than the writing itself (I know it will come) is the way I want to expose it to the world. Hello youtube. Shut up...I know I've been watching too many vloggers again. Just like MIG and watching Julie and Julia got me here and then this got me into the swapper's a vicious cycle and quite honestly I'm loving it.

Thank you Maureen Johnson "Dare to suck" gotta suck a bit before you are awesome at it.

whelp...after this bit of babble-rama I think I'm just about ready to snooze a bit. I won't call it sleep because it won't last long enough for that. I wake up at 630 every morning damnit!