Friday, March 12, 2010

Hold on a minute, I want to talk about me.

I know it is (technically) day 38 and I haven't updated in a scary-long time. I know this. I will. I promise. I've actually gotten a few things done that I've quite happy about. BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.

This will be the entry you want to skip if you are only here for my 101 in 1001 updates. Tonight, I want to talk about me.

That's right. Me. I don't do that often. I like to keep to myself usually. But as of this restless night, I feel like I'm up to it. But first, a toast.

You know those last 3 swigs of grape vodka that you have been saving since he left...partly because it's nice to know you have it around, partly because you aren't quite "of age" yet and can't get more on your own for a few more months, but mostly because you think it's sad to drink alone and haven't bothered with it? Well, my friends, dig out that old beat-up bottle and toast with me. To life, to love, to finding who you are by any means possible. To Keith, to mom, to my bestest best friends, to friends I've lost and friends I've yet to find. This one's for you.

As an aside, I'd like you all to know that this will more than likely be my last drink as an irresponsible, underage, college time I toast will be in Japan for my 21st birthday. In fact, I'd like to make a point of it. No drinking until then. What do you think? if you will respond. I've only got one follower...and I think the only reason she clicked "follow" was because I "follow" hers...whatever.

Anyways, I'm a huge lightweight and that was HARDLY 3 sips....I'm already feeling it. Booze is such a weird thing.

I miss human contact. Yes I got about 8 hugs today from 5ish friends....that was an overdose of huggage that was greatly needed. The only (and I mean only) other human contact I had gotten this week were the greeting and farewell hugs of my lovely Grandparents (which I'm not gonna lie, I do love and look forward to) and in P.E. for Educators Class when I had to hold hands with some of my classmates.
And paople wonder why I get lonely.
ON THAT NOTE! I booked my ticket! It's official! I'm going to Japan! I will spend a gloriously huge amount of time living with my best friend, lover, and all around good looking stud of a man, Keith. I am SO STOKED. I'm so freakin' stoked that I used the word "stoked"....AND IN ALL CAPS NO LESS. I don't think I've used that word since highschool. hellz to the yeah. It will be glorious.

No really. It will be amazing. I miss just being there...watching each other do silly, regular things and admiring each of them.

But, back to the present. I'm having a little bit of stress over my swap-bot swap that I must put in the mail tomorrow or else. The "or else" may just end up being a bad rating, but to me that would be....well, bad. Do not want. The only thing is...I have no idea what to send. It's supposed to be a "profile surprise" around $15 in valuse. I'm pretty sure that the bit I've got in there covers it, but I cant be sure. *sigh*. I think I'll stop by a store and put a few sweets inside...just in case. idk. I hope it's ok. And the kicker? I can't even count the next two for the challenge because I already wrote in the working document of my challenge that I would only count swaps from other countries...well balls. Neither of my first two swaps are out of country despite the odds that they could have been *grumbles*. I even picked it out special because I was one of 5 Americans....and where do I get my partner from? Florida >_> big whoop.

*sigh* I guess that means I just gotta keep swapping.
So here I sit...tipsy...watching nerdfighters on youtube and blogging...while gluing paper flowers that I cut out and painted to be part of a cute pop-up card for my swap that I learned how to make on dailymotion....yeah. Bit nerdy much?

Oh and once again....I want to write a book...I want to write my journal...I want to write poems...yeah yeah you've heard it...I've said it all before. But, even pressing than the writing itself (I know it will come) is the way I want to expose it to the world. Hello youtube. Shut up...I know I've been watching too many vloggers again. Just like MIG and watching Julie and Julia got me here and then this got me into the swapper's a vicious cycle and quite honestly I'm loving it.

Thank you Maureen Johnson "Dare to suck" gotta suck a bit before you are awesome at it.

whelp...after this bit of babble-rama I think I'm just about ready to snooze a bit. I won't call it sleep because it won't last long enough for that. I wake up at 630 every morning damnit!



Cherylann said...

I think you are doing remarkably well for a girl with so much on her plate