Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 6

wow...have I've been a slacker >_< I really should update this more frequently.

in progress:
>still waiting on the postcrossings.
>much closer ont the finishing of the 1st Sudoku book
>8 cups a day is going well almost to a fault lol. I've not paced myself twice and gotten a sloshy too full feeling. But I did it.
>No sugar is postponed until after v-day
>I've watched a few movies. the only ones worth mentioning were Grosse Point Blank and the Princess and the Frog.
>I've started my first crochet blanket. I'm doing the linked patch style that we did in art class.
>Sweeney Todd (my first live show of the list) was AMAZING. Ugh I love that play so much! By far my favorite musical :D And I learned that James is just as much of a musical theatre nerd as me! We totally nerded out about it during intermission and after :D we compared actors and versions and the singing and the movie and which parts the included or added or changed as opposed to was so fun!

Disappointed I wasn't able to/couldn't do:
>Spend the day in Little India. It was raining. Hard. The only place worth driving to when it is raining that hard is Disneyland for walk-on rides and pin trading, but I didn't even do that. I started to organize but didn't get far. :/
>rescue a kitten....well it was a cat...and I didn't actually hit the thing therefore it didn't need rescuing....yeah never mind >_>

Planning on soon:
>movies hur-dur
>organize room so I have space for exercise routine
>finish resume and submit it
>more of the 5000 question survey
>while organizing, find things to donate
>again plan a day for Little India
>email Monica
>art museum

Let'sa go!